Saturday, June 6, 2009

25 years

I was just looking at some of my pictures on my laptop and realized I had a copy of my senior picture in my files. Somethings change a lot in 25 years. Somethings not so much.

As I look at the pictures, not a lot seems to have changed. The eye-glasses are definitely different. There is a little more gray in the hair and the smile looks more confident. The tie has been replaced with a Roman collar. Just a few small changes.

Twenty-five years ago, I was not envisioning myself as a priest. I was getting ready to head off to Montana State University. Twenty-five years ago I would never have imagined I'd be motherless in less than a year. Twenty-five years ago I thought today I'd be retiring from the Air Force and just about ready to start a second career.

As I look I wonder where I'll be in another 25 years? What changes will continue to take place in my life?

We often have ideas about where we want to go, but we never really know where we are headed. We need to live our lives so as to be the best that we can be, keeping our ears open to hear God's call. It is not too much to anticipate that God may be calling us to greater things than we have on our radars today. We should live our lives accordingly.

May God bless us all with many more years to serve him.
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