Monday, June 22, 2009

A Week with the Boy Scouts

Last week I had the opportunity to be at our Boy Scout Council's National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course staff preparation week. I've served as director for this course and it's predecessor, Junior Leader Training (JLT) course. Ever time I've seen an impact in the lives of many of the young men involved. Having a priest on staff helps set a different tone.

What I find even more impressive is the number of our young priests and seminarians who have been involved Boy Scouting, and this course. All of the priests in our diocese under the age of 45 were Boy Scouts. Several of our younger seminarians have also been Boy Scouts. The young man we will ordain tomorrow attend our JLT course. One of our seminarians also attended the course. One of my prospective seminarians was on staff with me for the JLT course.

I had the privilege of saying Mass for the Catholic staff members on Saturday night before leaving on Sunday morning to drive to Billings for our ordination activities. One third of our youth staff are Catholic. Most attended Mass. Some even attended daily Mass which was offered during the week. I left my vocations business card with a few of them. We'll see if I get any nibbles.

If you have the opportunity to support Catholic Scouting, please do so. This is a bed of formation for our future priests.

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