Monday, March 26, 2012

Accidental Pregnancy?

I've always wondered how one accidentally becomes pregnant. I'm trying to imagine what that must look like. How is it that two are people walking down the street naked and happen to bump into each other in just the right way to make the connection necessary for conception to take place.

Anything other than that would have to be an act of choice. (Even in cases of rape and incest a choice is made on the part of the perpetrator) Every time one participates in the marital act, even those outside of marriage, they are making a choice that may lead to pregnancy. The act on their part is not an accident, it is a choice. Even with the best birth control, there is still a chance that conception may occur. The baby that is conceived is not an accident, it is a choice.

Since this is a matter of choice -- no one is told they must engage in the marital act -- why should others be expected to pay for this activity? There are sources out there that tell people they are being responsible if they use contraception and want to prevent a pregnancy. Being responsible means taking control of yourself. If one does not want does not want a pregnancy to result from the marital act, don't engage in the marital act. There is nothing accidental about becoming pregnant.


Accidental Catholic said...

Well said!

Was it Chesterton who suggested that what we need is not birth control, but self control?

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wpndc said...

"Birth Control" is an abuse of the English language as it has nothing to do with birth or control!