Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Things Girl -- All Things Guy

I was listening to Teresa Tomeo this morning on EWTN Radio when she mentioned these two books.

I think they would be well worth checking out.

All Things Guy

Jam packed pages of Catholic stuff for boys ages 8-14.

All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters is a positive introduction for young men seeking to live out Christian virtues in the twenty-first century. It is a useful and instructive guidebook for parents and children alike.

Tarek Saab,

author of Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work, & Manhood

All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters talks to kids straight on, no soft peddling, no sidestepping. It speaks to them where they live too much of the time – in the pop culture and media world. It says what good, faithful parents want to say, but may not always be able to find the words.

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Best-Selling Catholic Author and Speaker

What a find! Many fathers suspect the "feminizing of the faith" and long for a more muscular Christianity to pass along to their sons. They want something that isn't just a matter of fulfilling Mass obligation or being a "nice person." All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters speeds through the basics of the Faith always aware that boys learn to know, love and serve God in their own generation – not their grandparents. There are precious few resources out there for young men. All Things Guy is among the best. Don't let the opportunity to grow strong, faithful men slip by. Use this resource!

Al Kresta

President & CEO Ave Maria Radio

~father of four boys

Paperback. 204 pages

All Things Girl

“All Things Girl” is the new, groundbreaking book series for “tweenaged” girls by best selling Catholic author and speaker Teresa Tomeo along with the women behind the Runway to Reality Apostolate: Molly Miller and Monica Cops.

The “All Things Girl” series of five books is unlike anything found in the marketplace as it brings Faith to the real world in which young girls live.

Each unique book in the series includes:

* An Introduction to the Dignity of the Person
* A Media Chapter by Catholic Author and Media Specialist, Teresa Tomeo
* A Virtue Expanded and Explained with Practical tips on how to Live it
* A Plan of Life to help Girls Incorporate Prayer into their Daily Lives
* An Examination of Conscience unique to the Virtue in the book
* A Saint Story called “A Girl Like Me”
* Quizzes, Games, Recipes, Crafts

The first title, “Friends, Boys and Getting Along”, addresses topics of true friendship, characters in the world of girls, strategies on dealing with “mean girls,” and strategies on changing the “mean girl” who might be inside of you! Since girls grow up faster in today’s culture, there is a section pertaining to boys with age appropriate suggestions on how a boy should treat a girl and boy-girl friendships. This book’s craft project is the “Jewels in Your Crown” bracelet which girls can make to remind themselves of the virtues that belong to the daughter of the King.

By Teresa Tomeo, Molly Miller and Monica Cops

You can purchase both books from Ave Maria Radio's online store.

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