Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crosses On Our Way

We've seen them as we travel, those little white crosses, or in some states signs, that mark the spot where someone died on our highways. We pass many of these crosses on a regular basis and, I'm afraid, most of us never really stop to think about their significance. Yet, behind each of these crosses is a story. With the driving that I do each year, I see many of these crosses. Some I see many times each week. For some of these crosses, I know part of the story. I know about the grandfather who wrecked the vehicle and their grandchild was killed in the accident. I know about the car loaded with seven passengers that was hit by a drunk driver. All seven in the car were burned. I know about the child who was riding his bicycle who was struck by a car. The stories go on and on and on.

I bring the crosses and signs up because they give us the opportunity to offer prayer. The grandfather still struggles with his involvement in the accident. He needs our prayers for comfort and peace. The mother of the child struck by a car needs our prayers as she tries to find understanding in what has taken place. Even though the accident with the seven passengers happened many years ago, people are still affected by the loss of life and future hopes. The driver of the other vehicle has to live with the consequences of his actions.

I also pass many of these crosses for which I do not know the stories. Yet, I have learned that the crosses are also calling us to prayer. I would like to challenge each of you to be attentive to the crosses on our paths. We need to take a moment to pray for the victims of the accidents that are represented. The victims include, not just those who may have been killed, but also those who survive -- the parents, the grandparents, the brothers and sisters, the children, the spouses, the families. You may not know the names, or the stories, but you shouldn't forget to offer your prayers as you pass these crosses.

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Christine said...

I notice those crosses too.I try to make it a habit to say an Our Father as I pass by for the repose of their souls. I find it a good reminder to pray for all souls.