Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting out busy

Well, the new year is off to a busy start. Just as I was thinking about driving from Jordan over to Circle yesterday afternoon the pager went off for an ambulance transfer from Jordan to Miles City (85 miles away and the closest real hospital). I went on that run last night. We ate in Miles City before returning home. We got home about 8 and I quickly packed up my laptop and headed the hour to Circle. I had Mass this morning and I have a couple of our seminarians stopping for a visit. I'm busy trying to put together my dinner for tonight (Deep fried turkey, roasted potatoes, instant salad [bagged], and some sort of other finger food - I have a parishioner making two pies)

It is always great to have seminarians visit. They get to see what the real rural part of the diocese is like and the parishioners get to see the faces of the seminarians that we are supporting with our prayer and in some cases $$. I had invited all of the seminarians, but one couldn't make it from Rome. The other two from our diocese ended up with other things going on. They'll be missed.

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