Monday, September 14, 2015

Life matters

Another police officer was killed last night. I just say a video of a group of people who attacked a carnival ride operator because the line was not moving fast enough. People ask the question, "Why is this happening?"

I'd like to offer a few suggestions about why this may be happening.

Let's start with abortion. When we think that it is ok the kill the most defenseless in our society, is it any wonder that we care little about others as well.

What about the break down of the family? A family should be made up of a male father, a female mother, and children. Today there are many families that are fatherless because of a lack of commitment on the part of fathers. Without a mother and a father to form and discipline children, they are often adrift in their formation into caring adults.

Oh, and then there is contraception. Families are limiting themselves to one, maybe two children, and then spoil them excessively. The children tend to think that everything is about them and their wants. Children from larger families, with a mother and a father, tend to learn a little bit more about sacrifice and service instead of being pampered.

These are just a few quick thoughts. It is not a well developed blog post, but if I don't post what I've typed now, I might not get back to finish it.

Pray for our families, pray for life, pray for holy marriages, pray for our country.
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