Saturday, February 18, 2012


Coming back from the Symposium on the Charism of Priestly Celibacy tonight I found myself on the plane sitting next to Senator Jon Tester of Montana. He really did not want to start much of a conversation. I'm sure he knew what I had to say about certain legislation before the Senate and that I had the better argument. Besides that, I have found it is better not to argue after 9 pm when I am already lacking in sleep.

Perhaps, though, my mind was not completely trashed from three days of travel, meetings and more travel for I had a thought that might help put a few things into perspective. I can't remember if Senator Tester has any cattle with his wheat farm or not, but here is a thought I had.

What would happen if someone came and treated all of the cows carrying calves this time of year to stop the disease that was afflicting them? Do you think the ranchers would appreciate that? I mean, after all, why should cows be afflicted with such a horrible thing as motherhood? You'd think the ranchers would know by now the secret it to always keep the bulls in a pasture that is separate from the cows so there would be no worries.

If pregnancy is the disease, why are we putting so much effort into keeping the buffalo with brucellosis from having contact with our livestock? Since brucellosis causes cows to abort their calves, would this not be a cure for their disease of pregnancy?

It would be interesting to ask our current Governor, Senators and Representative from the House to give us some thoughts on this issue. Why is it that a baby cow (calf) is more worthy than a baby human?

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