Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preparing for Winter

I made a batch of chili today from some of my elk burger. Wonderful!!! Now if only I didn't have to travel the next couple of days, I could wrap up in a nice blanket, kick back in my recliner and do some reading.

I received a Public Information Statement via e-mail from the US weather service this afternoon.

Just a few highlights

Looking at the upcoming cold weekend from an historical perspective...cold outbreaks occur in early to mid October in north central Montana about once every 25 years or so.

Low temperatures below zero have occurred in early October in southwest recent as 1985. During this cold air outbreak...lows dropped as low as -12 at Denton...-10 at Cascade...-8 at Wisdom...-2 at Cut Bank...-1 at Lewistown and Havre...and 6 above at Great Falls. During this period...high temperatures remained in the 20s. Usually...below zero low temperatures are not expected until late October or November.

For this upcoming weekend...several low temperature records are likely to be broken. Record low temperatures for October 10-12 are shown. Some record lows may also be set on the 13th. Additionally...cold high temperatures during this period will also likely set new records.

For Fort Benton they shared the following:

Oct 10, forecast low 10, record 9/1987
Oct 11, forecast low 9, record 14/1881
Oct 12, forecast low 17, record 2/1881

Oh, and did I say there are some football games to attend. Homecoming this weekend for Great Falls Central Catholic High School. Go Mustangs!!! (This also is good for the GCDHS Mustangs celebrating homecoming in Jordan) I'll have to make sure I have some extra warm things to wear to the GFCCHS game.

So much for the theories on global warming. We might be in for a long winter at this rate. Wrap up and stay warm
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