Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday

I'm sure most of you heard the story about the security guard who was trampled this past Friday as a crowd rushed through the doors to get the specials they'd been standing in line for hours to find. It is sad they we've truly lost the spirit of the season that we are now in. Advent is about preparing for the Lord's return, and, as we get closer to Christmas, preparing for the remembrance of coming of the child Jesus. For many people, the consumerism and materialism of the society has completely taken over. I want to encourage all who take the time to read my blog to take a moment to pray for the fallen security guard. Also pray for all of those buyers throughout the nation who have lost track of what we should be preparing to celebrate. May they learn the true meaning of Christmas and work to keep Christ in Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I hate the realization that the spirit which persuades me that "I must have my way in all things, little and large" is the very same spirit which drove those shoppers forward. Lord, have mercy!

LRThunder said...

When I heard that, I was just sickened. Unfortunately, it shows the extent of the materialist mindset our culture is in right now.