Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Vocation Director

This past week I had a meeting with my bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Warfel. He asked me to assume the role of vocation director with responsibility for recruiting seminarians. I will be replacing him in this role. Our Vicar General will be responsible for the seminarians once they are accepted and sent to the seminary.

I am looking forward to this new responsibility. I ask for your prayers for myself, and also for my parish as we adjust to my new role. I'll be doing a lot more traveling and we'll have to rely more on substitute priests.


Randy said...

Congratulations on this important new responsibility!

Will you continue to be the state chaplain for the KofC?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Father! What a blessing you will be to our Church. I'm so pleased to learn that you have been chosen for this role.

Fr. Leo McDowell said...

I just realized I didn't answer the question about state chaplain for the KofC. Yes, I will stay on in the role as well for the time being. :)

LRThunder said...

Allow me to offer a belated congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Father Leo,I feel sure that you will be a true blessing in this new role.
Congratulations, and my prayers are with you!


Fr. Leo McDowell said...

Thanks everyone for the words of congratulations :)