Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the Parish

I finally returned to the parish on Friday afternoon. It was good to be back. I stayed in Jordan. While I was away, the ladies came in and painted all of the walls and put down new flooring. The outside of the parish trailer here was repainted, and a new deck was just being completed. It is looking great. Now, if I can find where everything went this past four months :)

I went to watch the Jordan Mustangs play football in Medicine Lake on Saturday. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. It's only about 200 miles away. I did ride with one of the parents so I did not have to worry about falling asleep.

Today I should be back to my normal Mass schedule. It will be good to see all of the people again. I have a baptism in Jordan this weekend and I understand I'll have one in Circle in a couple of weeks. New life is always great.

While I may be home, I'm still on orders with the Air Force and am doing some reconstitution time and will be taking some leave. I will be in the parish on weekends, but may be doing some other traveling and visiting during the week so don't expect a lot of posting on my blog just yet.

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